How do I get there?

NewFound Outfitting is less than two hours away from Deer Lake Airport, and a two hour drive from the Port aux Basques ferry. Regular flight connections to and from the island ensure your speedy arrival at your destination.

What do I bring?

An equipment list will be provided at the time of booking depending on your activity. We can also advise clients on local outdoor equipment rental and retail outlets if requested.

Are there Taxidermy services nearby?

Yes – we have an excellent Taxidermist who has sent work all over the globe. We can stop by his shop when leaving the camps if there is time. We have his price list available.

How do I deal with any meat I want to bring home with me?

Depending on your mode of travel, we can help you arrange getting any meat cut, packaged and sent to you for a nominal charge. Also if you are not interested in the meat, we have many requests from folks unable to hunt looking for meat for their personal consumption.

What fishing flies are allowed?

Newfoundland & Labrador allow only single barbless hooks for fly fishing on our rivers. When releasing salmon this makes things so much better for the fish. At our Serpentine River Lodge, we have a selection of locally tied flies available for purchase.

I had a D.U.I years ago. Will this affect me crossing the Canadian Border?

Some hunters now coming to Canada have been told at the Canadian Border that they are not eligible to enter. For Criminal Offenses such as: Theft, Assault, DUI, Fraud, False Pretences, Narcotics, Robbery, Mischief, Possession of Stolen Goods, Obstruction of Justice, Possession of Weapons, Breach of Probation, it states that you are ineligible to travel to Canada if you have been convicted of any of these offenses. No matter the length of time that has passed, all convictions will render you inadmissible to Canada. Youth convictions will not be considered. Entry to Canada at any port (land, air or water) may be denied unless the traveller holds a valid permit. The permit may be valid up to 2 years and allows visitors entrance into Canada for vacation or business purposes only.

Contact Canada Border Crossing Services at www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca for further information. The process is simple and takes a few months. Also, Lucy Perillo, has a business called Canada Border Crossing Services, and is able to help resolve most issues. Dealing with government requires a period of time from 3 weeks to 6 months so if you have any of those problems and you want to hunt in Canada then she is the person to help you through this. The website is www.bordercrossing.ca

How do I transport my firearm into Canada?

You must fill out a firearms declaration form which is available on line at: www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/cfp-pcaf/form-formulaire/pdfs/909.pdf Please fill out the Declaration form in advance but do not sign it until you are at the border in the presence of border personal so they can witness you signing. It is that easy.

What is the weather like?

Dress in layers and remember it is the wilderness. The list we send will give details and in the meantime -visit this link to the weather site anytime: www.theweathernetwork.com